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IoT Series

(Coming Soon!) IOT Buddy
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(Coming Soon!) IoT Buddy

Wireless version for secure connections to wireless (2.4 GHz) networks RJ45 version connects to ethernet and also allows POE (Power over Ethernet) Choose pre-configured sensor data for Senva devices, or configure your own Fits in slim enclosures and junction boxes, compatible with many Senva products! Directly connects analog, Modbus RTU, or BACnet MS/TP devices to cloud services Small profile, fits inside standard field enclosures and junction boxes Made in the USA

Connects analog or Modbus RTU devices to cloud services
Facilitates power over Ethernet (POE), Ethernet, or Wireless 2.4 GHz
Small design to allow for installation in sensor housing or junction box
Easy configuration
  • Allows cloud IOT (MQTT, Azure, AWS) connections for sensors and field devices
  • Expand your IIOT system
  • Greatly reduces licensing, technician, and panel costs associated with cloud integration of sensors by allowing installation and network connectivity directly at the device
  • Accepts two configurable analog input signals or a single Modbus RTU device
  • Pre-configured setup for Senva sensors and devices
  • Connect via Ethernet RJ45 or Wireless 2.4 GHz
  • Power over ethernet (POE) version includes power pass through for powering sensors and allows the connected sensors to be powered from existing POE equipment, utilizing power backups to allow for critical reporting with no added power cost
  • Easily integrated to existing IT data monitoring.
  • Monitored sensor data can easily be added to display on energy managment, tennant, or client facing dashboards. This is perfect for air quality, occupancy, and energy usage reporting
  • Hosts local access point for easy connection and setup
  • Inputs, network, and cloud connection are configured via web page hosted from the device
  • Modbus RS485 to Ethernet, Modbus RS485 to Wifi, Analog to Ethernet, Analog to Wifi
Note: Features and specifications are preliminary and may change upon final release.


This a compact communicating device for your API, cloud storage, and communication applications. Convert any Modbus RTU or analog signal to Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet (POE), or 2.4 GHz wireless (Wifi) and connect to IOT cloud services (AWS, Azure, MQTT). Its small profile and low power requirements allow for field mounting in device enclosures or junction boxes. Use pre-configured sensor data for Senva sensors for fast configuration.


  • Allows cloud access to sensor data in remote, network connected spaces or buildings
  • Monitoring of sensors in network connected retrofits or additions
  • Display data on energy managment, tennant, or client facing dashboards
  • Perfect for air quality, occupancy, and energy usage reporting
  • Add sensor monitoring to critical infrastructure
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