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WD Series

Water Detector
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Water Detector

Screw, or ram-set to floor or drip pan Detects water to prevent costly damage Buy American Act Certified

Soild state--no moving parts to fail
Gold plated sensing electrodes for long life
Floor and wall mount options

  • Reliable water detection
  • Simple installation—screw, or ram-set to floor or drip pan
  • Simple operation—no maintenance
  • Solid-state design… no moving parts to fail
  • Fully potted for water-proofing… maximum durability


The WD series detects water to prevent costly damage. Unlike float systems, it utilizes solid state detection, so is not prone to mechanical failure. The WD-1 is designed for mounting on the floor, drip pans or condensate pans, as the gold plated sensing electrodes face downwards out the back of the enclosure. The WD-2 housing accommodates mounting to a wall or vertical surface, with the gold plated sensing electrodes angled to the bottom of the enclosure.


  • Ideal for spot leak detection
  • Computer rooms, critical equipment, restrooms or commercial kitchens
  • Monitor condensate pans and drains—turn off equipment when pans reach limit
Product Price Quantity
WD-1 Water Detector, Floor Mount, 9-30VAC/DC, NC isolated output
$139.92 /


WD-2 Water Detector, Wall Mount 9-30VAC/DC, NC isolated output
$150.41 /


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