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Toxic Gas (CO & NO2)


Senva TG Series sensors can be ordered as individual CO or NO2 sensors or as a combination CO/NO2 sensor in a shared enclosure. 

The analog output model featuress 2 outputs that support daisy chain wiring - multiple sensors may be used in a parallel sequence (0-10V) for cost effective coverage of large areas. The unit can also act as a stand alone controller, utilizing the relay for exhaust fan operation or the output for direct control or a VFD.

The BACnet/Modbus model supports BACnet MS/TP and Modbus network communication in one unit. Standard features include a programmable fan relay, LED indicators, integrated display and audible alarm. 

Product groups
CO & NO2 - Analog CO & NO2 - BACnet/Modbus
Calibration Gas Kit ZipSeal Conduit Sealang


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