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CO2 Slimline Wall

  • LCD with field calibration menu
  • 2000/5000 ppm CO2
  • Integrated set-point relay
  • Field replaceable NDIR element

Optional Trim Ring for surface mount applications or mis-sized j-boxes


  • Controlling ventilation in response to occupancy
  • Facilitating compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 standard for air quality
  • Offices, conference rooms, and public assembly areas


Senva CO2 sensors maximize energy savings by ensuring optimal ventilation. Measuring exhaled CO2 levels ensures air is conditioned only when needed. The CO2RL is a flush mount design sensor with NDIR sensing element and features that include a standard LCD, setpoint relay, menu selectable auto-calibration and provision to offset the reading +/-250ppm.

Product     Price   Quantity
CO2RL Wall CO2 Transmitter/relayLCD display and menu   $ 420.00


List prices shown; trade pricing appears on orderpad for Senva Trade Accounts.
For qualified trade pricing, please contact us at 866-660-8864.
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The industry’s best looking CO2 sensor meets
demanding architectural standards. 

  • Fits in most standard j-box or low voltage brackets.
  • No exposed screws; unobtrusive tamper resistant design
  • Popular colors to match any decor

Easy to install and maintain

  • Integrated display and push-button menus for field selectable scale, calibration, and operational modes
  • Dual 4-20mA and 0-5V/0-10V output (jumper selectable)
  • Integrated high-reliability solid-state set-point relay is ideal for direct control applications; easy to set up thanks to LCD

High reliability reduces call backs

  • Non-dispersive infrared sensing element (NDIR)
  • Field replaceable CO2 sensor
  • 15+ year life expectancy on CO2 sensing element
  • Industry leading 7-year limited warranty on electronics; NDIR module 3 years

High accuracy for improved system performance

  • Selectable auto-calibration mode returns sensor to baseline values
  • ±40ppm, ±3% of reading
Power Supply   12-30VDC/24VAC(1), 100mA max.
Analog Outputs Dual Analog 3-wire 4-20mA and 0-5V/0-10V (2) (jumper)
Output scaling 0 - 2000 or 0 - 5000 ppm (selectable)
Digital Setpoint Output Programmable Solid-state, 1A @ 30VAC/DC, N.O.
Sensor Performance Type Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
Accuracy ±40ppm, ±3% of reading
Response time 60 seconds to 90% reading
Output update rate 3 seconds
LCD Menu Setup Parameters SPH, Setpoint, Hi (On point) 500ppm to full-scale (700ppm default)
SPL, Setpoint, Lo (Off point) 400ppm to full-scale-50 (600ppm default)
SCL, Scaling 0-2000ppm or 0-5000ppm
(2000ppm default)
ADJ, Adjustment Offset adjustment +/-250ppm (0 default)
CAL, Calibration mode Automatic mode ON or OFF (default=ON)
RUN, Run mode Displays CO2 in ppm
Operating Environment Temperature 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Enclosure Material ABS Plastic
Dimensions (fits low-voltage bracket) 4.7”h x 2.9”w x 1.24”d (0.48” wall profile)
  1. One side of transformer secondary is connected to signal common. Dedicated transformer is recommended.
  2. 15-30VDC/24VAC power supply voltage required for 10 volt output.