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Water Detector

  • Solid state
  • Gold plated sensing electrodes
  • Floor and wall mount options


  • Ideal for spot leak detection
  • Computer rooms, critical equipment, restrooms or commercial kitchens
  • Monitor condensate pans and drains—turn of equipment when pans reach limit


The WD series detects water to prevent costly damage. Unlike float systems, it utilizes solid state detection, so is not prone to mechanical failure. The WD-1 is designed for mounting on the floor, drip pans or condensate pans, as the gold plated sensing electrodes face downwards out the back of the enclosure. The WD-2 housing accomodates mounting to a wall or vertical surface, with the gold plated sensing electrodes angled to the bottom of the enclosure.

Product     Price   Quantity
WD-1 Water Detector, Floor Mount,9-30VAC/DC, NC isolated output   $ 120.00
WD-2 Water Detector, Wall Mount9-30VAC/DC, NC isolated output   $ 130.00


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Reliable water detection

  • Simple installation—screw, or ram-set to floor or drip pan
  • Simple operation—no maintenance
  • Solid-state design… no moving parts to fail
  • Fully potted for water-proofing… maximum durability
WD-1 Water Detector, 9-30 VAC/DC
Power Supply 9-30VAC/DC, 20mA Max.
Output N.C. (Form B) Solid State Relay, Isolated
Output Rating 30VAC/DC, 0.1A (100mA) Max.
Sensing Gold plated electrodes
Operating Environment -20 to 80C
Cable Length 15 feet