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Temperature - Room Recessed

  • Fits in any standard j-box or low voltage bracket.
  • No exposed screws; unobtrusive tamper resistant design
  • Popular colors to match any decor
  • Complements CO2 sensor installations


  • Room temperature measurement for building automation control


The TR series is designed for use in energy management systems in buildings. The flush mount sensor housing accomodates a wide range of thermistor options for sensing room temperature. Optional set-point slider and override button can be added for additional control.

Product     Price   Quantity
TR-C Room Temperature, 100Pt RTD   $ 59.00
TR-D Room Temperature, 1000Pt RTD   $ 59.00
TR-E Room Temperature, 10KT2   $ 59.00
TR-F Room Temperature, 10KT3   $ 59.00
TR-G Room Temperature,10K w/11K shunt   $ 59.00
TR-H Room Temperature, 3K   $ 59.00
TR-I Room Temperature, 2K2   $ 59.00
TR-J Room Temperature 1k8   $ 59.00
TR-K Room Temperature, 20K NTC   $ 59.00
TR-L Room Temperature, 100K   $ 59.00
TRIM RING CO2 TRIM RINGA102016   $ 0.00


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User Friendly

  • Wide range of thermistor options
  • Set-point options
  • Override options
Enclosure Material ABS Plastic
Dimensions 4.7”h x 2.9”w x 1.24”d (0.48” wall profile)  (fits low-voltage bracket)