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Current Sensor - Fanwall

  • Go/no status for fan walls up to 18 motors


  • Fan wall and other multi-motor installations


The C-1550 provides load-side "go/no" status for fan walls up to 18 equally sized motors. Using just two CTs, this microprocessor based sensor is able to detect the loss of any one or more motors from the fan array. The unit learns ratio of current A to current B. Ratio is continuously monitored. Output alarms (opens) when measured current ratio is 10% or more different than learned ratio or current is not present. Operation is based on a ratio of load - threfore this sensor is intended for a fanwall installation or section thereof in which a single variable speed drive is utilized. The sensor will also work with non-VFD motor loads.

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Simple and effective fan wall status

  • Designed for direct coupled fans
  • Works on load side VFDs
  • Solid-state - no moving parts to fail
  • Industry leading 7 year limited warranty

Easy Installation

  • One device takes the place of up to 18 individual CTs
  • Saves panel space and installation time
  • Microprocessor monitors motor currents regardless of operating frequency

LED for operational feedback

  • Green solid = ready
  • Green slow blink = current present and monitoring
  • Green fast blink = learning in process
  • Red solid = alarm, output open, motor failure detected
FANWALL SENSOR Min (on) Max A Output
C-1550 0.1 A 50 A 0.1A@30VAC/DC


Part Number C-1550
Power Supply (1) 12-24VDC/24VAC, 50mA max
Monitored Amperage Range 0.1A-50A  (50A Max. per CT)
Output Type NO, solid-state FET
Output Rating 1.0A@30VAC/DC Max.
Temperature Rating (2) -15~60 ° C
Insulation Class 600V RMS.  For use on insulated conductors only!
 Use minimum 75 ° C insulated conductor
Frequency Range 15-60Hz
Dimensions ( LxWxH) 3.86” l x 1.31” w x 1.85” h
Sensor Aperture 0.58”
1. Low Voltage Limited Energy or Class 2 power supply only. 
2. Maximum surrounding air ambient, 60 ° C.  For use in Pollution Degree 2 Environment.