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Pressure - Universal

  • Interchangeable probe for duct or remote mouting
  • 5”, 10”, and 25” versions with four selectable sub-ranges; Pa versions 
  • LCD display and LED indicator
  • Dual 0-5/10VDC and 4-20mA outputs (loop and 3-wire)


  • Building (zone) pressure
  • Filter condition measurement
  • Duct/static


The P5 universal dry media pressure transmitter accurately measures multiple ranges optimized for building (zone) pressure, filter measurement, and static duct applications. Selectable outputs and uni/bi directional readings reduce inventory. Innovative static probe integrates with unit or can be mouted remotely for static pressue. Optional LCD for panel mount readings and set up.

Product     Price   Quantity
P5-0500-1LP Dry Diff. Press. 5" Universal,w/ LCD, Duct Probe   $ 297.00
P5-1000-1LP Dry Diff. Press. 10" Universalw/ LCD, Duct Probe   $ 297.00
P5-2500-1LP Dry Diff. Press. 25" Universalw/ LCD, Duct Probe   $ 297.00
RP-6 P4/P5 DUCT PROBE KIT   $ 18.00


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For qualified trade pricing, please contact us at 866-660-8864.
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Reduce inventory and ordering errors with universal unit

  • Selectable 4-20 mA loop powered, 4-20 mA 3-wire, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC for compatibility
  • Zero calibration push button and remote contact input
  • Designed for duct, filter, and remote probe applications in a single universal unit
  • Probe is compatible with both 1/8” and 1/4” ID hose

Time & money saving installation for contractors and OEMs

  • Non-position sensitive for easy placement Dual DIN mount:
  • Side mount for high density OEM applications, flat panel mount for LCD viewable panel mount.
  • Conduit ready for for 3/8” flex connectors
  • LED visual status indications of operation LED: Power heartbeat, ,momentary rapid flash = auto-zero complete, continual rapid flash = 110% over pressure
  • LED facilitates locating sensor in ductwork

Power Supply 12-30VDC/24VAC(1), 30mA max

Output type Selectable outputs 4-20mA loop powered, 4-20 mA 3-wire, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC

Output scaling P5-0500 P5-1000 P5-2500 P5-1250Pa P5-2500Pa P5-6250Pa 0-5” (Selectable 0.1, 0.25, 2.5, 5.0” WC) 0-10” (selectable 1.0, 2.5 ,5.0, 10”WC) 0-25” (selectable 5.0, 10, 15, 25” WC) 0-1250 Pa (selectable 25, 50, 625, 1250 Pa) 0-2500 Pa (selectable 250,625, 1250, 2500 Pa) 0-6250 Pa (selectable 1250, 2500, 3750, 6250 Pa)

Temperature Operating range -4 to 185F (-20 to 85C) Compensated range 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)

Media compatibility Dry, oil-free air, N2

Sensor Type MEMS silicon piezoresistive; precision calibrated

Sensor Performance Accuracy +/- 1.0% of selected range (combined linearity and hysterisis) Non-position sensitive

Zero Drift (1 year) 1% max

Auto-zero input  Push-button and contact closure

Type Title
Manual P5 Installation Manual