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Multi-Circuit Branch Circuit Meter

Monitors up to 96 circuits
On board webserver and data logging
Customizable alarming features


  • Ideal for baseline consumption in premises (e.g. store to store comparisions for chains
  • Activity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
  • More informative that an amperage measurement only.


Simplify installation and connectivity while providing instant access to data in a user friendly format. The versatile Core Module TM system is a single monitoring solution with peripherals optimized for Branch Circuit and Multi-Circuit Monitoring applications designed to reduce the cost and complexity associated with legacy multi-circuit monitors.

Product     Price   Quantity
EMMC-N4 N4 Encl for Core Modulepre-drilled mount/conduit   $ 420.00
EMMCBCS-36 STD 18mm CT kit w/2x18 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM01   $ 3,204.00
EMMCBCS-36-A ADV 18mm CT kit w/2x18 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM02   $ 3,845.00
EMMCBCS-42 STD 0.75" CT kit w/2x21 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM01   $ 3,204.00
EMMCBCS-42-A ADV 0.75" CT kit w/2x21 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM02   $ 3,845.00
EMMCBCS-72 STD 18mm CT kit w/4x18 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM01   $ 4,956.00
EMMCBCS-72-A ADV 18mm CT kit w/4x18 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM02   $ 5,947.00
EMMCBCS-84 STD 0.75" CT kit w/4x21 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM01   $ 4,956.00
EMMCBCS-84-A ADV 0.75" CT kit w/4x21 100ASolid Core CT Strips 1xCM02   $ 5,947.00


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Rapid Installation

  • Optimized for new and retrofit installations with no disruption to critical loads
  • Monitors up to 96 circuits
  • Options for solid core, split core CTs, Rogowski coils1 and analog, discrete and pulse inputs.

Easily Access Data

  • On-board web server provides immediate access to real-time and logged data
  • Integrated data logging supports up to 64 GB stor- age; remotely accessible or manually exportable
  • Available Cloud monitoring service
  • Customizable alarming features

Easy Connectivity

  • Select from multiple connectivity options including Modbus TCP/IP, RTU
  • Open protocols allows connection with any third party monitoring system
  • Accurate
  • True 0.5% accuracy suitable for billing applications

Intelligent Features

  • Presence of Voltage detection accurately indicates breaker status even under no load conditions
  • True-Circuit Display mapping function presents data according to actual circuit configurations
  • Detailed power and energy monitoring per circuit including Waveform capture and THD

Input power (standard) 90-277 VAC (480 VAC 4W+G) 50/ 60 Hz
Input power (enhanced) 480-600 VAC (3W or 4W+G) 50/ 60 Hz
Voltage connection terminals 22 - 14 AWG
Overload protection Internally fused
Power consumption Channels / circuit capacity 24 x 4 channels (96 circuits total)

Accuracy 0.50%
Sampling rate > 3 kHz

Data protocols Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet), Modbus RTU (RS-485 2 wire), HTML (web server)
Modbus serial specifications 9600, 19200, 38400 Baud (selectable)
Ethernet ports 2 x RJ-45 10/100 Mbit
USB port USB 2.0 Type A
Web server HTML via standard browser
WiFi option 802.11 g/n ; requires WiFi option
Cellular option CAT 1 / CAT M1; requires subscription

Operating temperature 0 to 60 °C (32 to 140 °F) (<95% RH non-condensing)
Storage temperature -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)
Enclosure versions NEMA 1/IP20 (indoor use); NEMA 4 / IP67 (outdoor use)

Agency approvals UL Listed to EN61010-1, Cat. III, pollution degree 2, CE

Type Title
Datasheet EMMC Multi-circuit Meter Datasheet