A different kind of company

Senva is a fast growth entreprenuerial firm. Some people believe we're successful because of our innovative, customer inspired products, some tout our made in the USA quality, and others swear by our service and dedicated employees.  We'll let you in on a little secret—at the risk of tipping off the competition—you can give people ingredients, but making it turn out is a whole different matter. 

Our core values are key to our success
  • Provide superior customer service  (be easy to do business with and win you over)
  • Rapid innovation (move quickly on good ideas)
  • Act with integrity (duh, be honest, of good character, and act in good faith)
  • Expect excellence (no slackers here, just A players who like playing their A game!)
  • Have a high sense of urgency (be agressive, swift, and results-oriented)
  • Stand for quality (it's everyone's job)
  • Have fun (life is short, do what you love)

Made In USA
We've invested over $1M in new assembly and test equipment.  We're committed to our employees and our customers

We're committed to quality and service. Our ISO 9001 certification helps ensure we get it right first time, everytime. USA world class quality.

Same Day Shipping

Place an order by 2 pm PST and typical it's on it's way

7 Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind what we build. See Terms and Conditions for the fine print.

It is Senva’s Environmental Policy to continually improve our ability to design and manufacture our products with minimal and beneficial environmental impact through reducing resource requirements and waste. We comply with all applicable environmental standards, both legal and internal. We have reduced our supply chain impact by integrating all circuit board manufacturing within our USA plant.

To this end, we have set objectives to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Recycle more
  • Reduce our carbon footprint

 Read more here: Eco-Sense Initiative