Energy Measurement

From building mains to branch circuit monitoring, Senva makes metering efficient and effective.

ACI Model KW350, Veris E50B1 KW/KWH Power Meter, Veris E50C2 Advanced Power Meter, Veris E50C2A Advanced Power Meter ACI Model RCT16- , ACI Model RCT24-, ACI Model RCT36-, ACI Model RCT47-, ACI Model ACUCT-125-, ACI Model ACUCT-200-, ACI Model ACUCT-125R-, ACI Model ACUCT-200R-, ACI Model ACUCT—416R-, ACI Model ACUCT-075-, ACI Model ACUCT-510R-, ACI Model ACUCT-H100-, ACI Model ACUCT-075R-, FUNCTIONAL Devices CT-05A0-333, FUNCTIONAL Devices CT-05A1-333, FUNCTIONAL Devices CT-0400A4-333, FUNCTIONAL Devices CT-100A4-333, Veris H808 Current Transducer, Veris H921 Current Transducer, Veris H922 Current Transducer