EcoVadis Sustainability Award received

Senva Inc has been awarded by the CSR assessment agency EcoVadis: For sustainability management in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Key topics that are also reflected in our "House of Sustainability." 


It is Senva’s Environmental Policy to continually improve our ability to design and manufacture our products with minimal and beneficial environmental impact through reducing resource requirements and waste. We comply with all applicable environmental standards, both legal and internal. We have reduced our supply chain impact by integrating all circuit board manufacturing within our USA plant.

To this end, we have set objectives to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Recycle more/waste less
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
In 2023, we have also committed to setting up an Environmental Management System to meet ISO 14001!

Here's how we are progressing...

Reduce energy consumption

Previous accomplishments:
  • Improved HVAC efficiency
  • Power management on computers
2019-2023 Goal: Reduce energy consumption per employee by 5% per year for a total of 25% reduction by 2023
We are growing!  As we scale up production, hire new employees, and design and test more products, our net energy consumption increases.  For the sake of setting an achievable goal, we think a per-employee reduction is appropriate.
2022 Results:

Goal: 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2019-2022 Cumulative
5% energy reduction/year -20% 2% -9% -26%
  Pass Fail Pass On track

2022 Limitations:
  • Moved to a larger facility in September

2023 Action Plan:
  • Install energy efficient lighting throughout new building
  • Install motion detection light switches

Recycle More/Waste Less

Previous accomplishments:
  • All recyclable scrap electronics are picked up by Green Century Recycling
  • 100% of manufacturing waste cardboard and paper is recycled
  • Switched to all lead-free solder
  • Moved outdoor and duct labels to UV print, significant reduction in label and adhesive usage
2022 accomplishments:
  • No 2022 catalog was printed
  • Condensed install manuals for products accounting for a reduction of about 100k printed pages
  • Moved incoming faxes to digital

2020-2025 Goal
: Reduce paper waste by 10%; continue to recycle all electronics waste
Again, we are growing!  As we scale up production, hire new employees, and design and test more products, our net paper usage increases.  For the sake of setting an achievable goal, we think a per-unit shipped reduction is appropriate.

2022 Results:
In 2020, we printed 1.38 pages/unit
In 2021, we printed 1.99 pages/unit, an increase of 44% (fail)
In 2022, we printed 2.25 pages/unit, an increase of 13% (fail)

2022 Limitations:
We launched some more complex products, such as the EMX and TotalSense which have longer manuals. Shipping these units will continue to increase our pages/unit metric.  Additionally, customer feedback prevented us from moving to an all digital format for installation manuals

2023 Action Plan:
  • Orders sent to production will no longer be printed, but be sent digitally
  • Continue the manual shortening project
Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Previous accomplishments:
  • Moved PR production to our Beaverton facility (our last PCAs not assembled in-house!)
  • Reduced our supply chain:  Buy most of our components from a small group of vendors
  • Sales and marketing teams wofk-from-home 40%
2021-2025 Goal: Move all circuit board manufacturing to the USA; Reduce commuter emmissions by 10%

2023 Action Plan:
  • Encourage hybrid vehicles and ridesharing
  • Install charging stations for EV commuters
Reduce Water Usage

Previous accomplishments:
  • Moved to facility with two water refill stations
  • Run one dishwasher, once a day (previously both were run)
2023-2026 Goal: Reduce water usage per employee by 5%

2023 Action Plan: TBD