The PR Series pilot relays are ideal multi-voltage input power and pilot duty relays that mount in existing panels to control loads. External enclosures are not required making them ideal for interfacing loads with building automation control systems.

ACI Model PAM-1 , ACI Model PAM-2 , ACI Model PAM-3 , ACI Model PAM-4 , ACI Model PAM-SD, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIBU1C Pilot Relay , FUNCTIONAL Devices RIB2401D Pilot Relay , FUNCTIONAL Devices RIBU1C-N4 Pilot Relay, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIBU2C Pilot Relay, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIB2401B Power Relay, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIB01P Power Relay, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIB2401SB Power Relay, FUNCTIONAL Devices RIB243P Power Relay, Veris V100 Enclosed Relay, Veris V101 Enclosed Relay, Veris V300 Enclosed Relay, Veris V320 Enclosed Relay ,Veris V321 Enclosed Relay, Veris V400 Enclosed Relay, Veris V100D Enclosed Relay