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ECM (Brushless motor) Current Switch
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

ECMset Current Switch

Turn-on setpoint minimizes false trips due to standby ECM inverter draw. Optional CR command relay for stop/start/status in a single labor saving device.

Adjustable minimum turn-on
Prevents false trip due to ECM stand-by current
Split-core operation to 200A
N.O. 30VAC/DC output
Optional command relay with LED

  • Reliable operation on ECM motors
  • Set trip point with easily scaled dial to that sensor only turns on when motor is actually running
  • Super low turn-on adjustment scale Maintenance-free—no call backs
  • No hazardous guesswork. Multi-turn adjustments are a thing of the past
  • Reduce the risk of arc flash; sensor can be set without calibration in live enclosure
  • Industry leading 7 year warranty


ECMSet™ is designed for no/go run detection on electronically commutated motors (ECMs) . ECMs  draw a small amount of AC standby current to power their inverter, up to 1A, even when the motor isn’t running.  The ECMSet features a high resolution adjustable turn-on setpoint to ignore standby current, preventing false ON status indications.


  • No/go run detection for EC motors
  • On set-point prevents false trips due to EC inverter stand-by current
  • Great for data center current switch sensing
Product Price Quantity
C-2320-L ECM Current Switch, ECM, N.O., Split-core, 0.25-200A range
$95.40 /


CR3-12 Command Relay, N.O., 12 VDC coil
$26.20 /


CR3-24 Command Relay, N.O., 24 VAC/DC coil
$26.20 /


CR4-12 Command Relay, N.C., 12 VDC coil
$26.20 /


CR4-24 Command Relay, N.C., 24 VAC/DC coil
$26.20 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.