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Metering Series

Rogowski CT
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Metering Series Rogowski CTs

Rogowski analog transducers Fast locking coil connection High amperage rating Mount sensor without removing conductor

Standard mV/kA output
Space saving, easy-to-install Rogowski coil
Rated for 6000A
Four sizes from 9” to 36” circumference

  • High amperage rating
  • Mount sensor without removing conductor for installation savings
  • Fast-locking coil connection
  • Rogowski coil is lightweight and space-saving
  • UL recognized, CE, and RoHS compliant


Rogowski analog transducers measure high amperage AC current and provide a proportional output for metering devices. Rogowoski coil covers wide amperage ranges without saturation effects common to iron core sensors. Selectable lengths ensure ease of installation.


  • Energy management and performance contracting
  • Monitoring for commercial tenants
  • Activity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Load shedding
  • Audits/temporary monitoring
  • Distributed generation
  • Great for data center energy meter sensing
Product Price Quantity
CT-F09 Metering di/dt Rogowski coil 9" coil, 3m leads
$285.48 /


CT-F15 Metering di/dt Rogowski coil 15" coil, 3m leads
$330.56 /


CT-F24 Metering di/dt Rogowski coil 24" coil, 3m leads
$367.29 /


CT-F36 Metering di/dt Rogowski coil 36" coil, 3m leads
$500.85 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.