CO2 Recessed Value - Obsolete

Key Points

  • 2000 ppm CO2
  • Field replaceable NDIR element
  • Dual 3-wire 4-20mA and 0-5V/0-10V (selectable)
  • Rugged, low profile design



  • Indoor CO2 measurement
  • Facilitates compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 standard for air quality
  • Offices, conference rooms, and public assembly areas

This quality CO2 is cost-effective, beautiful, and rugged. Replaceable NDIR element, dual 0-5/10V and 4-20mA outputs all in a low profile recessed housing. Features autocal accuracy with a 2000 ppm range.

Product improvement is a continuing process at Senva. The following products have been discontinued.

Improved Products.

CO2-VAL Wall CO2 Transmitter