Wet-Wet Differential Pressure (Cable Version) - Obsolete

0 to 10~500 PSID
Revolutionary design eliminates plumbing/bypass assemblies
LCD display (PSID or kPa jumper selectable)
Dual 0-5/10VDC and 4-20mA output

The PW series revolutionizes wet-wet differential pressure installations by utilizing remote mounted sensors. This eliminates traditional piping to a tranducer and the associate expense of bypass. High accuracy sensors snap on prefabricated cables with industrial duech connectors. Transducer features LCD (PSI/kPa) display and a range of settings and options for easy of use. ORDER ONE PW20 for the PSI and cable length/type desired. ORDER TWO of PWS sensors of correlated size.

Product improvement is a continuing process at Senva. The following products have been discontinued.

Improved Products.

PW10A-A Wet transducer 36 Inch - LOW cables armored
PW10C-A Wet transducer 108 Inch - LOW cables armored
PW10F Wet transducer 300 Inch - LOW cables standard
PW10K Wet transducer 600 Inch - LOW cables standard
PW20C-A Wet transducer 108 Inch cables armored
PWC050 Pressure Sensor, 50PSI , Conduit Cable Connection
PWC100 Pressure Sensor, 100PSI , Conduit Cable Connection
PWC250 Pressure Sensor, 250PSI , Conduit Cable Connection
PWC500 Pressure Sensor, 500PSI , Conduit Cable Connection
PWS050 Pressure Sensor, 50PSI, Fact ory Cable Deutsch Connection