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PreSet Series

Scaled Adjustable Current Switches
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

PreSet Current Switches

Simply match sensor set-point to the motor nameplate. Just set to motor full load amps for proof of flow. Simple and safe. Optional CR command relay for stop/start/status in a single labor saving device. Adjust knob on sensor to motor full load amperage (FLA) indicated on nameplate Never clibrate in live enclosures again. Redicing risk of an arc flash exposure. No hazardous guesswork. Muli-turn pots are a think of the past. Proven 1/2 hour savings per install over manually calibrated devices.

Scaled calibration for proof of flow set-point
Split and solid core models to 150A
N.O. 30VAC/DC or 120VAC output
Optional command relay with LED

  • Preset scaled calibration enables set-point adjustment for proof of flow by simply matching dial to motor full load amps (FLA) nameplate
  • Safer--eliminates calibration in energized enclosures, reduces arc flash hazard
  • Proven to save up to 1/2 hour per need to return to calibrate live
  • Prevents call-backs, no multi-turn potentiometers, and guesswork to find set-point
  • A super low turn-on for compatibility with smaller motors
  • Solid-state-more reliable than mechanical pressure switches for proof of flow
  • Quality backed by a 7-year limited warranty



PreSet™ allows for matching sensor set-point to the motor nameplate, eliminating the need to calibrate in energized enclosures and reducing installation time. The sensor will detect motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps.  


  • Detecting belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps
  • Monitoring status of industrial processes
  • Monitoring status of critical motors
  • Great for data center current switch sensing
Product Price Quantity
C-2320HV Current Switch, PreSet, N.O., Split-core, 0.45-100A; 120VAC
$137.38 /


C-2320HV-L Current Switch, PreSet, 120VAC Split-core, 0.45-50A range
$137.38 /


CR3-12 Command Relay, N.O., 12 VDC coil
$26.20 /


CR3-24 Command Relay, N.O., 24 VAC/DC coil
$26.20 /


CR4-12 Command Relay, N.C., 12 VDC coil
$26.20 /


CR4-24 Command Relay, N.C., 24 VAC/DC coil
$26.20 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.