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Branch Series

Multi-Circuit (Branch) Meter
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Monitors up to 96 circuits
On board webserver and data logging
Customizable alarming features
  • Optimized for new and retrofit installations with no disruption to critical loads
  • Monitors up to 96 circuits
  • Options for solid core, split core CTs, Rogowski coils1 and analog, discrete and pulse inputs.
  • On-board web server provides immediate access to real-time and logged data
  • Integrated data logging supports up to 64 GB stor- age; remotely accessible or manually exportable
  • Customizable alarming features
  • Select from multiple connectivity options including Modbus TCP/IP, RTU
  • Open protocols allows connection with any third party monitoring system
  • True 0.5% accuracy suitable for billing applications
  • Presence of Voltage detection accurately indicates breaker status even under no load conditions
  • True-Circuit Display mapping function presents data according to actual circuit configurations
  • Detailed power and energy monitoring per circuit including Waveform capture and THD


Senva is redefining Branch Circuit Monitoring with a next generation technology that simplifies installation and connectivity while providing instant access to data in a user friendly format. The versatile Core Module TM system is a single monitoring solution with peripherals optimized for Branch Circuit and Multi-Circuit Monitoring applications designed to reduce the cost and complexity associated with legacy multi-circuit monitors.


  • Ideal for baseline consumption in premises (e.g. store to store comparisions for chains)
  • Activity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
  • More informative than an amperage measurement only.
Product Price Quantity
IOC24A1 24 Channel Digital Input Card
$904.20 /


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