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ZipSeal Series

ZipSeal Conduit Sealant
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

ZipSeal Conduit Sealant

ZIP-50KIT1G Components Prevents sensor damage from conduit condensation

Duct sealing system to protect sensors from water intrusion and conduit reverse venting
Recommended for all conduit systems subject to condensation

  • Meets NEC Code Requirements – 2011 NEC Articles 225.27, 230.8, 300.5 (G), 300.7 (A), on Raceway Seals, 501.15 (B)(2).
  • Meets Industry Standards – Complies with TIA-758-B Standard,, and Sealing Ducts.
  • Installs in just 45 seconds--save on labor
  • Re-enterable – easily removed.
  • Multiple Seals – One kit seals up to five 2-inch/50 mm conduits.


Prevents water intrusion in CO/NO2 sensors that may occur from warm moisture condensing in conduit and draining into top of sensor body, potentially damaging the sensor. Also prevent airflow intrusion from conduit which can cause faulty readings. Recommended for seaing both top and bottom conduit entries. The unique two-part foam installs quickly and effectively. The innovative design of the Zip-Disc™ insert allows for horizontal and vertical installation with minimal drip. Cured foam blocks can be removed and re-entered relatively quickly if necessary. ZipSeal™ Duct Sealant holds up to 10 feet (3.0 m) water-head pressure. ZipSeal™ Duct Sealant holds up to 10 feet (3.0 m) water-head pressure to keep gases and rodents out of conduits.


  • Protects CO/NO2 sensors from condensation and water damage
  •  Prevents back venting into sensor which can impair readings
Product Price Quantity
MXR-20T-10 Mixing Nozzle 10-Pack for FST Mini & SolidSeal
$175.02 /


TOOL-50-11 Applicator Gun for BT, EPCT, & SDP Sealant
$353.94 /


ZIP-50KIT1 Zipseal Duct Block Single Kit
$192.39 /


ZIP-50KIT1G Zipseal Duct Block Single Kit Includes (Tool-50-11)
$390.62 /


ZIP-50KITB6 Zipseal Duct Block Bulk Pk 6
$1,107.71 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.