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WD Series

Water Detector
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Water Detector

Screw To Floor, Drip Pan, Or Condensate Pan Sensing Probes Are Close To Surface For Fast Moisture Sensing WD-1 is Buy American Act Compliant Buy American Act Certified

Mount to floor, drip pan, or condensate pan
Solid state relay--no moving parts to fail
Gold-plated sensing electrodes for long-life
Completely submersible


  • Reliable water detection
  • Simple installation—screw, or ram-set to floor or drip pan
  • Simple operation—no maintenance
  • Solid-state design… no moving parts to fail
  • Fully encapsulated for water-proofing… maximum durability


The newly improved WD-1 detector is the smallest water detector on the market, designed to detect water in even the tightest spaces. The WD Series is a fully encapsulated low-pressure molding that is not only waterproof but also completely submersible. Its gold-plated sensing probes are strategically positioned for optimal sensitivity to leaks, making it ideal for spot leak detection in various environments, including data centers, critical equipment areas, restrooms, and commercial kitchens. More features. Better value.


  • Ideal for spot leak detection
  • Computer rooms, data centers, critical equipment, restrooms, or commercial kitchens
  • Monitor condensate pans and drains—turn off equipment when pans reach limit
  • Great for data centers 
Product Price Quantity
WD-1 Water Detector, 9-30VAC/DC, NC isolated output
$139.92 /


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